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San Miguel de Allende
FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently Asked Questions



A.    Online 
B.    By phone from USA dial (011) 52 (415) 152 2537 & 152 2538
C.    By our 24/7 emergency phone 24/7  (415) 152 -2538
D.    In our NEW office : Mesones #38, int 7  (inside Meson de San Jose), Centro.
E.    By email &

How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?
We suggest that you book as soon as you have confirmed your travel date and times. But we request that you make your reservation at least 12 hours in advance in order to be able to serve you best.

What are your standard office hours?
09:00 AM – 06:00 PM  Weekdays 
10:00 AM – 02:00 PM  Saturdays


BUT PHONE US 24/7 AT (415)152-2538
Please make your reservations (in person or over the phone) during these hours if at all possible.

What happens if I need service within the same day / 12 hours?
Last minute reservations are welcome, but subject to availability.

How should I contact you in an Emergency situation? 
For emergencies ONLY, please call our emergency line at: 


Having trouble making an online reservation? Here are some quick pointers!

Go to
Click on “bjx, qro, mex or service”

In the scroll down menu choose your type of service

Choose the servive you would like to hire: "Share Shuttle or Private"

Choose the airport you are arriving to or departing from here in the country of Mexico
Type in the number of passengers
Choose your date

For time: Please note that we work in a 24 hour system (military time)  For example 10pm would be 22:00 hrs
If you are ARRIVING please input the exact time of your flight´s arrival 
If you are DEPARTING please input the exact time of your flight departure in order to put you on the appropriately corresponding scheduled service.
Choose your correct airline and flight number 
If you are ARRIVING choose the airport that you are coming from on the last leg of your trip 
If you are DEPARTING choose the airport that you are going to on the first leg of your trip
If you have a round trip, input the correct information in the bottom section
Click continue when you are done.
On the next screen you will review the information of the service(s) you have chosen. (If there are any changes that you need to make, just click the back button in your browser to go back to the previous screen).
Type in the name of one passenger 
The address in San Miguel is the location that the passenger will be picked up at or dropped off at
If the traveling passenger does not have a cell phone, please type in a contact number during the dates of the trip.
Please make sure you have entered your email address in correctly
Please only input your credit card information if you would like to pay with credit card. Credit card information is Not required in order to secure the reservation. 
Please enter any additional information in the comments section. 



Traveling with pets, excess baggage, special rates, etc. 
If you are traveling to / from MEX airport and are a single traveler, please note whether you would prefer full fare direct service or bus+car combo if we are unable to find you another traveler. 
**For specifics on services to/from MEX airport, either direct or by combo, please see that section for details. 


What airports does viajes san miguel have service to/from?
We have shuttle or private service to and from ALL airports throughout Mexico to/from San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. 
Examples: GDL Guadalajara, TLC Toluca, SLP San Luis Potosí, MLM Morelia, etc. 
If you don’t see your airport on the list, just ask!

What is the general difference between the shared shuttle and private service?
The shuttle is a community transport, which ranges from two to more different customers. 

Also, you might have to wait to pick-up other passengers arriving latter than you, no more than an hour; or if you have a round trip, you might have to go earlier if we have other passengers whose flight departs before yours, no more than an hour.

Private Service constitutes trips for 1 or more persons, contracted by a single customer.

Do you have any special programs for corporations,businesses, non-profits or travel agencies?
Please contact us directly for details on our special corporate and travel agency programs.

2    A.     FROM The Airport

My flight gets in really late or really early, will you still pick me up?
Of course we will! Our pick-ups from the airports are 24/7, same price, it doesn’t matter how late or early your flight arrives as long as you book your reservation with at least 12 hours in advance!

What time will you pick me up from the airport?
When making your reservation You give us the time that your flight is scheduled to arrive and we will program our driver to be there waiting for you exactly when you get out of customs. 

What is the difference between the shared shuttle and the private service coming FROM an airport?
For the shared service we wait for you and other travelers arriving on the same flight or close to the same time, no more than an hour wait.

For the private service, we wait only for you.

Where will I meet your representative or chauffer at the airport?
He will be waiting for you right after you exit customs.

How will I recognize your representative or driver in the airport?
He will be holding up a sign that will have your name on it.

What happens if I don’t see someone from your company there waiting for me?
Don’t panic. We have 24/7 Emergency Phone number, please call 01 (415) 152 2538.

What happens if my flight is delayed?
Don’t worry about it! We keep track of all the airlines and all the flights so we´ll already know that your flight is delayed. And we´ll Still be there to pick you up, no matter how late it is coming in. 

What happens if I miss my Connecting flight?
If you miss your Connecting flight, please call us to let us know as soon as possible so that we can reschedule your pick up accordingly.

If you are in the airport in the states call 011 52 (415) 152-2538
If your connecting flight is out of a Mexico airport, you can call us 01 (415) 152-2538
Charges may apply.

I’m in San Miguel waiting for my friends/family to arrive, when will they get here?
Depending upon how long it takes them to get out of customs, or if the flight was delayed at all, you can see the travel time from each airport listed in the airport section. Other factors may also include how many other people are on the shuttle and what your location is in town. 

2.    B.    TO/FROM The Airport
What is the difference between the shared shuttle and the private service TO/FROM an airport?
For the shared service we have a five stop maximum for pickups, 
if we have other passengers whose flight departs before yours, you might have to go earlier, no more than an hour.

For the private service, you and/or your group will be the only stop.

Where will I meet the shuttle to go to the airport?
We will pick you up at your house or hotel or whatever pre-agreed upon location you choose*

What time will you pick me up to get to the airport for my departing flight?
When making your reservation You give us the exact time that your flight is scheduled to depart and we will let you know what time our matching shuttle picks up time is for that flight.  

For private service, we recommend a time for you.
Please note: all pickup times include 15 minutes of lee-way time for our drivers.  This means that the van will normally arrive within about 15 mins of your scheduled pickup time. For example, if your pickup time is 06:00 am, the van will typically arrive between 06:00 am and 06:15 am.

Is that pickup early enough for me to make my flight in time?
Our shuttle service pickup times are created based on the airplane departure times; you have our word that you won’t miss your flight. Trust us, it’s our job!

What do I do if my driver is late?
Please keep in mind that all pickup times include 15 minutes of lee-way time for our drivers.  This means that the van will normally arrive within about 15 mins of your scheduled pickup time. For example, if your pickup time is 06:00 am, the van will typically arrive between 06:00 am and 06:15 am. 
If your driver has not arrived after the 15 minute lee-way, please call our office at the appropriate number and we will connect you with the driver.  
24/7 hours: 152-2538 


What happens if I need to cancel my transportation service due to emergency or because the airline canceled or changed my flight?
Don’t worry if you have to cancel, just call us to let us know as soon as you can and we can either cancel your reservation or update it to reflect any changes.

What is the cancelation policy for your company?
There is no fee or penalty for canceling with us if you cancel with at least 5 to 6 hours in advance. The fees may vary depending on the situation.  If you’ve already paid you can use the amount as a credit towards your next trip with VIAJES SAN MIGUEL!


Do I need to reconfirm my service with VIAJES SAN MIGUEL?
Once your reservation has been made and you have an official Reservation Number, you are confirmed for service with us and do not need to reconfirm. 
If you made your reservation online, you will receive two separate confirmations from VIAJES SAN MIGUEL; one immediately, and the second within approximately 24 hours with any applicable updates. 
Also, a day before your service you will recieve a call and/or an email reconfirming your reservation with us. If there are any changes on your reservation let us know then.

5.    DISCOUNTS   

What is the discount on Roundtrip PRIVATE service? 
If you contract our private service for a roundtrip reservation and pay upfront the full rate, we will give you a 5% discount.

What is the discount if I am traveling with pets?
We offer a 5% discount off our private transfer service.
*If you are traveling with pets, please review the traveling with pet section as well!

Discounts for Groups of 3 or More?
For more than 3 passengers, call our office at the most convenient number for you to speak with a representative
USA 011 (52) 415-152-2538 / 253

We are traveling with a 2 year old or younger, do I have to pay for his shared shuttle service? 
If there are at least two (2) full fare paying adults in your party per child, the child pays only if you request your carseat to be placed within our van*
*Special circumstances apply to/from BJX and QRO airport, please check with our agents.

Do you offer discounted rates for children?
Depending on the age of your child, as long as there are at least two full fare paying adults in your party per child, we will be able to provide you with at least 20% discount for your child*
*Please speak with an agent for details.

Roundtrip Pricing
In order for any type of special roundtrip price to be applicable, both services need to be made as part of one single reservation and full payment must be made on or before the first leg of the trip.


How much does your transfer service cost?
Prices vary per type of service (shuttle or private) and number of passengers. Please verify prices for services in their individual sections.

Do I need to pre-pay in order to secure my service?
VIAJES SAN MIGUEL does Not require pre-payment. Once you make your reservation with us and receive a reservation number you are 100% confirmed for service.

Can I pay with a credit card?
We accept payment by Visa or Mastercard prior to the date of your service directly at our office located at Mesones #38, int 7 (inside Meson de San Jose), Centro.

Should I pay the driver in US dollars or pesos?
We accept payment in either currency at the applicable rate of exchange.  
*Please note that the drivers do not accept credit cards; if you want to pay with credit card please do so in the office prior to your trip.
*Please also note, our drivers do not have receipts to give out, if you require a receipt of payment, please contact the office for a copy. 

Can I pay with a personal check?
Yes, you can pay us with a personal check made out to Daniel Hernandez Rangel.

How much should I tip the driver?
Tips are at the discretion of the passenger and according to the service you received. (recommended is +10%)


What do I do if I have excess luggage?
Our luggage policy closely follows that of airlines. A good rule of thumb is two checked bags and one carry on. If you have more than that, please let us know so that we can plan our cargo spacing accordingly. If you'll be carrying a surfboard, crate, skis, music instrument or other large items, or if you have an excessive amount of luggage, please call our office for special instructions and price.

8.    PETS

What is your policy on traveling with pets?
When you are traveling with a pet the service will have to be Private due to the fact that there can end up being delays of up to hours at a time when attempting to enter an animal into the country and other travelers could be alergic to some types of pets. 

When choosinge a Private Service with pets, we will offer you a 5% discount. This way, we can guarantee you your service no matter on the delay.  


Do you provide carseats?
YES We do provide car seats. If your child will be traveling with or not a car seat please let us know when making your reservation. 
*Prices may vary.

I want a non-smoking vehicle, how do I request one?
 of our late model vehicles are non-smoking and fully air conditioned. 

What vehicle will I be riding in?
We have an extensive fleet of various types of vehicles. Your vehicle will depend upon the types of services required by other passengers on the same date and therefore what is available for you at the time.


Lost Items
We are not responsible for items lost in the vehicles.
Please check you have all of your belongings going in and out of the vehicles.


In Case of an Accident
All passenger are required to have their seatbelts on during their services, otherwise we shall not be liable for damage sustained in case of an accident.




If you have any questions or doubts concerning our policies please contact us at 415-152-2537 or 415-152-2538.





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